Albert Sunjoon Weaver

Occurrences and Excavations

Kinescope Gallery in collaboration with Fillmore Projects is pleased to present Occurrences and Excavations, the first solo show in New York City by Albert Sunjoon Weaver which opens on Friday, October 12th, 6-9pm. The exhibition  comprises a series of paintings which conjure abstract landscapes that exist between the vertical flat space found in Eastern paintings and the atmospheric deep space found in Western representations.

With parameters set at the beginning to keep aesthetics from determining the end result, Weaver starts with marks that reference forms found in nature. Weaver’s lifelong obsession with  surfing informs his work; the ritual observation of the ocean’s kinetic nature is apparent despite the minimal palette of black and white. In keeping with Weaver’s guidelines, the square format retains a neutral identity preventing an immediate reference to landscape.

The paintings are created as a series, yet each painting exists entirely on its own. Weaver works to find the space between a finished painting and a painting that is still open and inconclusive. Texture conveys an expansiveness that goes beyond the small, square format. Despite the seemingly rigorous rules applied to this body of work, the outcome is beautiful, restrained, and hypnotic like the ocean.

Albert Sunjoon Weaver studied painting and received his Bachelor’s degree in studio art from UC Santa Cruz. He also studied painting at the New York Studio School and received his Masters degree in Painting from American University. He spent several years working and teaching as a visiting artist in Perugia and Rome, Italy for the American University Art in Italy Program. Born and raised in California, he now lives and works in Bushwick, NY.

The exhibition is viewable from the sidewalk daily 12-9pm from October 12th through Sunday, November 18th, 2018.

Occurrences and Excavations has been curated by Fillmore Projects for Kinescope Gallery. For press inquiries and for appointments please contact